Designing the right impression


Designing the right impression

Instagram, blogging and Pinterest has brought out the interior designer in many of us. Interior design has been presented to the masses via the media and we aspire to achieve the look and feel of our most stylish hotels and spaces. This, it seems, is the key to successful luxury interior hotel design – striking a balance between the achievable and the aspirational.

A design of any hotel interior must reflect the wider vision in terms of design, layout and feel, creating a sense of identify that makes that hotel instantly recognisable. In a bedroom for instance, linens and curtains or blinds material must be chosen to marry with the wider design theme whilst capturing the guests imagination – would they want to use this at their own home? Pangea place a huge range of show stopping life size elephant sculpture in foyers to smaller pieces to light up the rooms with our new range proving very popular. Several hotels such as the Soho House group have taken this notion to another level and have launched an incredibly successful line of homeware which is sold online and through selected stores.

Bev Howard of Pangea explained: “Ensuring that people are blown away by the interior is incredibly important, but a hotel shouldn’t make a guest feel overwhelmed or out of place, there should be certain elements within a hotel that guests could imagine being part of their own home.”

Lighting is also incredibly important and can switch a mood instantly. A combination of lights should be used including table lamps, uplighters, pendants and backlights, allowing guests to create their own mood. Bev continued: “Using the right combination of lighting is important as is the selection of subtle, softer bulbs that help create a certain ambience. Attention to detail in terms of lighting is key and can have a huge impact on the wider feel within that space.”

Hotel guests will soon make a move towards the bathroom, expecting a certain level of indulgence and luxury. Consider the space and the layout. Opt for fluffy thick towels in complementary tones, creating an expensive, sumptuous feel. Perhaps add matching dressing gowns and don’t forget giveaway products such as shampoos, conditioners and body washes.

Bev added: “Small design and product features will help build an indulgent bathroom. Be selective about the products that you use and ensure that the ethos of the product manufactures’ marries your own. If you’re keen to support a sustainable vision, then ensure you select products that share those values.”

Well curated pieces of art and sculptures help tie a wider vision together and cultivate an ambience and mood. Bev concluded: “It is the detail that ultimately will bring any design together. Art or sculpture pieces must enhance the right space and a new dimension in that room. Careful thought and consideration combined with a clear vision and message will ultimately drive your design.”

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