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Placing your new sculpture

By on October 8th, 2017 in Giraffes
Medium Giraffe CO 2

If you have chosen your perfect sculpture you may already have found the perfect location for it in your home or garden, or even your place of business. If you have not yet chosen your sculpture, perhaps you are wondering where you would put it, so we thought we would give you a few ideas.

Some of the larger sculptures obviously need quite a bit of space so if an elephant sculpture is the one for you, check the size carefully and don’t forget to look at the access to your property; you might have a fantastic large garden, but is there a wide entrance to it? We can usually find a solution for most situations, but it pays to do a little planning before your purchase.

If you want something to fit a particular space such as a corner or alcove, just do a couple of measurements first or lay out a paper template on the floor for how much footprint space you have for the piece and then simply bring it to the showroom with you or speak to one of our friendly staff who will help you to find the perfect piece. If you are placing something under a shelf, check the height that you have available as some pieces may be more suitable than others. All of our sculptures are handmade and unique so it might just make a difference if the animal has its head turned or its tail down rather than up to make it the perfect fit for where you want to locate it.

Of course you might find that you start off wanting an impressive rhino sculpture and instead are drawn to having a herd of baby elephants, or find yourself purchasing a zebra rather than a horse. That is the appeal of our sculptures, they each speak to different people and with such a wide range of African animals you are sure to find one that is perfect for you.