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baby Crocodile Sculptures


Length 2ft


Just when you thought that crocodiles couldn’t be cute, we introduce you to the baby crocodile sculpture. Not quite old enough to open their big, wide jaws, baby crocs tend to keep their mouths shut. However, their razor-like teeth are still visible poking up and down about their snouts and give them a unique character. These sculptures look great close to water, perhaps as an individual feature on a bathroom table or as a group sunbathing around the tiles of the swimming pool.

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Although not obligatory, we recommend the use of fixing rings welded to the feet of the sculpture and ground spikes to increase the stability of the product when placed on various surfaces outdoors. This sculpture can be placed outside but will need relacquering over time to maintain a high-quality finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

Baby crocodile sculptures look great in any of the finishes so why not combine two or three in different finishes to create something really striking for your home. For an extra touch of luxury ask about our stunning glitter finish which shows off all of the detail in these delightful small sculptures.

We are proud of the detail and workmanship that goes in to every sculpture and the smaller pieces in our range, such as these baby crocodile sculptures, are created with the same care and attention as our largest crocodile sculptures. The baby crocodiles are a petite version with the same scaly skin, sharp teeth and detailed claws and they look fantastic as accent pieces.

Other finishes are available upon request. Please contact us via email on for further details and pricing.

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