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Height 4ft 6in


Now you can practise your guitar solo next to this gifted bass player who is apt for music rooms or kitchens that love to blast some good old fashioned rock and roll.

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We recommend the use of fixing rings welded to the feet of the sculpture and ground spikes to increase the stability of the product when placed on various surfaces outdoors. This sculpture can be placed outside but will need relacquering over time to maintain a high-quality finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

The frog sculpture has a detailed guitar complete with body, neck, frets and strings which will vary slightly in design on each individual piece. Choose the one that is the best match for your acoustic or electric band member. No band of frogs or otherwise would be complete without a guitarist or even two, so this sculpture has no shortage of admirers. Why not create a guitar based frog band for your home or garden? Smaller version also available.

Other finishes are available upon request. Please contact us via email on for further details and pricing.


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