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Medium Reindeer Sculpture


Height 3ft


Medium stag sculptures are particularly attractive in terms of both size and detail. This is the perfect size for anybody who wants to make a statement without being too intrusive. Position this sculpture in your hallway and watch it welcome smiling visitors into your home as its hooves are elegantly placed and appear to be strutting. Alternatively, fill that awkward, empty corner in your living room with something jolly and dynamic.

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Although not obligatory, we recommend the use of fixing rings welded to the feet of the sculpture and ground spikes to increase the stability of the product when placed on various surfaces outdoors. This sculpture can be placed outside but will need relacquering over time to maintain a high-quality finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

These stag sculptures have been used as Reindeer over Christmas and have been very popular with our customers. They are instantly recognisable with their distinctive antlers and this medium sized 3ft version has all of the detail of the large pieces. The slender legs give the sculpture a graceful poise and elegance making this sculpture a charming accent in the natural metal finish. They look delightful as a pair and could be used as part of a bigger decorative scheme either Santa’s grotto secured to your roof or the side of a tree, fireplace or doorway. Their smaller stature means that they are easy to locate indoors or outside, perhaps next to a lamp on a console table or as a feature in a hallway.



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