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Height 2ft 8in


Their characteristic, pouched bills are depicted to perfection by sections of recycled metal whilst their feathered bodies are crafted by layering smaller fragments on top of one another. Pelican sculptures are well balanced due to their wonderfully, webbed feet and sturdy, short legs that are apt for sitting on a number of surfaces inside and out. Place next to a water feature in the garden or close to a pond as if admiring the fish. Or perhaps you’d like to place one of these life-size exotic birds inside as an interesting feature for a hallway or landing.



Although not obligatory, we recommend the use of fixing rings welded to the feet of the sculpture and ground spikes to increase the stability of the product when placed on various surfaces outdoors. This sculpture can be placed outside but will need relacquering over time to maintain a high-quality finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

The pelican sculptures are created at life size with large folded wings, webbed feet which give the piece great stability and the characteristic pouched beak. Beautifully hand crafted from recycled metal they look amazing in the natural finish with the sheen that comes from the protective lacquer coating. Our pelican sculptures are perfectly at home in porches and conservatories as well as being suited to the edges of a pond or next to a water feature. We do not recommend siting any of our sculptures in water due to the oxidisation that can occur, but the Pelican sculpture can easily be accessorised on land as part of a display with fishing creels, decorative glass fishing floats or galvanised planters.

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