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Zebra Sculpture


Height 5ft 6in (Life Size)


Even without its famous stripy coat, the zebra sculpture is identifiable by its slim legs with knobbly knees, low-hanging belly, pricked up ears, sleek mane and kind face. However, the authenticity of your zebra sculpture, or punda in Swahili, can be increased further by hand-painting its black and white stripes. Naturally finished zebras seem at home when stood on grass in the garden as if grazing the savannas in Africa. Meanwhile, a hand-painted zebra would look fresh and funky when integrated into a contemporary space with modern interior design.

NB: Zebra now out of stock until end of February. Only available on back order.

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Life size pieces can be located on both hard or soft ground. We recommend the use of fixing rings welded to the feet of the sculpture and ground spikes to increase the stability of the product when placed on various surfaces outdoors. This sculpture can be placed outside but will need relacquering over time to maintain a high-quality finish. Other finishes are available upon request.

The zebra is a handsome addition to our collection, handmade in Africa with detailed mane and tail and long, expressive eyelashes. Created at life size the zebra is a striking and unusual piece with each animal having its distinctive coat hand painted in the UK before having a specialist lacquer applied, adding to the individuality of each sculpture. The zebra is also available in a natural finish, showing the beautiful patina of the metal components.

Suitable for use outdoors or inside the zebra is a magnificent sculpture which will be admired in any location. In an informal garden or against a manicured lawn the hand painted zebra sculpture will add a vivid accent to the landscape and a touch of Africa to any dΓ©cor. Placed indoors where space allows the zebra sculpture, in either finish, is a quirky and modern addition to your home or business.

There is a base plate fixing procedure that works well with these sculptures if located outdoors. This procedure uses washers and studs with anchors that are inserted through a base plate which is welded to the front and back feet.

Regular O Rings welded to the feet, used with a spike are also another option available for these sculptures.

See accessories for more detailed information and to decide which fixing you prefer.

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