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Sculptures from 2017: Where are they now?

By on February 13th, 2018 in Animal Sculptures, Garden, General, Home

It’s been another successful year at Pangea Sculptures, welcoming more and more customers into the Pangea community from all over the world. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look backat some of our favourite sculptures that have found new homes in the last year.

Gloria the hippo grazes on a patch of grass in the middle of a large pond in Wigan. Accompanying her are some warthog friends that never leave her side. She watches the sun set every evening in her beautiful new home and is very loved.
Narla the elephant was chosen carefully by her new owners. They wanted to get the right sculpture for them, and with much deliberation, decided that Narla was the one for them. She now looks magnificent strolling through their gorgeous grounds and can be admired from the conservatory just a few metres away.

Staggie the reindeer sculpture has lots of space to roam and play in his new home by the seaside in Essex. On windy days the long grass sways between Staggie’s feet but he remains a strong and striking feature amongst the greenery.
His new family adore him and are so happy with their purchase.

Geoffrey and Gigi the giraffes have both found lovely new gardens to live this year, with 6ft Gigi peering out of the bushes in Gloucester and 10ft Geoffrey standing tall and proud not too far from our showroom. Both have certainly made an impression, especially Geoffrey who now has a great relationship with the gardener.
Sid the saxophone playing frog travelled a little further than some of our other sculptures this year, finding his new family in Switzerland! He now soothes the ears of guests by the fire in a swanky living room. Our large frogs have been popular with customers abroad who visited us at our exhibition in Port Adriano, Mallorca, meaning that frog bags are performing in Spain, Belgium, Germany and Austria to name just a few locations! 
This is just a handful of sculptures that have been transformed by our fantastic customers into members of the family with affectionate names and personality traits. Do you have a Pangea sculpture? We’d love to see how it’s getting on. Please email us a photograph of your sculpture with your chosen name and let us know what they have been getting up to since they left the showroom!