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miniature elephant sculptures


Height 1ft


The magnificent African elephant is brought to life in every detail, even in our smallest sculptures with the sturdy legs of the youngest animals, an inquisitive trunk, large ears and even scaled down tusks. The miniature elephant sculptures are delightful in every detail, very cute as the smallest member of the herd and posed with the lively attitude of the young elephants. The elephants look fabulous in the natural finish or can be specialist coated for a highly polished chrome finish.

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Miniature elephant sculptures are typically around 1ft high and the ideal size for placing on a windowsill, coffee table or bookshelf. They are whimsical pieces and each will have its own personality. They look particularly striking in the gleaming chrome finish and could be added to a natural lacquer sculpture to make an eye catching focal point in your home or garden.

We have a range of other elephant sizes and types to help you personalise your own sculpture; life sized elephants, large elephants, small elephants and baby elephants. We also have a new range of wall art elephant heads.

Other finishes are available upon request. Please contact us via email on for further details and pricing.

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