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Life sized rhino sculpture by pond


Height 6ft


The rhino is one of our most popular sculptures and these pieces have a real presence. They are extremely detailed to show the texture and folds of the thick hide and the characteristic horns. Created at life size they are substantial pieces which take hundreds of hours to construct from recycled metal which is welded to an inner frame. The completed sculpture is coated with a protective lacquer which gives a lovely sheen to the sculpture and gives it protection from the weather, making it suitable for an outside location.

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The rhino can be located indoors where space allows, as it is one of our largest sculptures, and it can also be positioned outside on soft or hard ground where we recommend the use of fixing rings and ground spikes to ensure the stability of this heavy product. A fantastic sculpture to have in any landscape, the rhino is a dynamic and unusual piece which will be a real focal point.

If this life sized Rhino is a little too big to accommodate at home or in your garden. Choose a baby Rhino sculpture from £199.

Other finishes are available upon request. Please contact us via email on for further details and pricing.

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