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African Giraffe taken on Pangea's Safari

Pangea on Safari!

Our links to Africa where the sculptures are made are a very important part of our organisation. We work closely with the head sculptor, Moses, and his team of craftsmen and love to hear about their ideas for new designs. In the spring our general manager Bev and logistics manager […]


Sophisticated Stripes : The Zebra Sculpture

The zebra is one of the most stylish and sophisticated animals to grace the savannas of Africa. With its distinct black and white striped coat, it is a recognisable and well-loved creature that the Pangea collection would be incomplete without. As distant relatives, our zebra sculptures join our family of […]


Garden design with sculptures

Our sculptures are a great way to add interest to your outside space and can become integral to your planned scheme. Think about the layout of your garden and what sort of features it already has and see which of our sculptures would complement it. If you have a pond […]

Crocodile Sculpture in Garden

Changing seasons at Pangea

We love things that signal the changing seasons, from the first snowdrops and blossom appearing, long days of sunshine, falling leaves or the first frost. It is a good time to look at changing your home surroundings, perhaps doing some decorating to brighten things up or changing over to cosy […]

Rhinos on African Plain

Save the Rhino! The Rhino Sculpture

The rhinoceros is one of the largest animals out in the wild. They can grow up to 13 feet long and 6 feet high, weighing approximately 2,300 kilos. The name of this mighty creature is derived from Greek and split into two parts: “rhino” meaning nose and “ceros” meaning horn. […]