Changing seasons at Pangea

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Changing seasons at Pangea

Giant Giraffes in GardenWe love things that signal the changing seasons, from the first snowdrops and blossom appearing, long days of sunshine, falling leaves or the first frost. It is a good time to look at changing your home surroundings, perhaps doing some decorating to brighten things up or changing over to cosy bedding and comfy throws. Our sculptures can also create interest around your home and garden all year round and can also add a touch of festive glamour with just a couple of tweaks.
Frog band at home decorationOur quirky band of frogs is also easy to make over for the change in the seasons. Add an inexpensive music stand with some sheet music or festive story books propped up on it and they will look like they are rehearsing for a performance. You could add in hats or have them holding a paper garland in addition to their instruments as if they have been called upon to give a hand with the decorative touches. If your frogs are placed outside you could add in storm lanterns or other lighting at their feet as if they were an unusual group of carol singers or give each one a different coloured bobble hat to amuse your visitors.
If you are not thinking as far ahead as the festive season yet you can simply decorate for one of the special festivals or celebration days that fall in autumn; Halloween, mid-autumn moon festival, Diwali, bonfire night, or Thanksgiving to name just a few. Our sculptures look fabulous just as they are, but with a few little decorative touches added they become a real part of your decorative scheme and a little bit of your family traditions.
Pangea stag sculptures are available in different sizes and are a delight at any time of year, but particularly at Christmas. They can be left just as they are or decorated with fairy lights or greenery or even a bit of tinsel, depending on your style. If you have a stag sculpture outside why not place a small fir tree next to it or build up a log pile and add some holly to make a little winter scene. Indoors you could add a gorgeous bow, some lightweight baubles on the antlers or even a Santa hat!

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