Horse Sculpture

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Horse Sculpture

A picture of a metal horseThe horse sculpture created for Pangea by our team of craftsmen in Africa is a stunning example of the craftsmen’s skill. The horse is created at life size and made entirely from recycled metal, welded together by hand. The beautiful sculpture has the stately bearing of this graceful animal with its slender legs and powerful muscles and is complemented by the natural lacquer finish that has been applied.

The horse sculpture is the ideal piece for any horse lover or anyone that appreciates the beauty of these lovely animals. The sculpture can be placed indoors or outside as the lacquer coating will give some protection from the weather and slow the natural oxidisation process. This piece would be a great addition to landscaping at a barn conversion or riding school or just placed in a garden setting to be enjoyed and admired.

The horse is one of the larger sculptures in the Pangea range and is a striking piece with detailed mane and tail. The skill of the artist is clear to see in the animal’s expression, and it is no wonder that these sculptures take hundreds of hours to be produced.
The specialist powder coating process that can be applied to the sculptures is a way to transform the horse sculpture in to something even more eye catching. The bronze finish gives a lovely glow to the sculpture highlighting the details from the tips of the ears right down to the hooves, while the gleaming chrome finish lends a touch of luxury to the sculpture.

The horse sculpture can be located on soft or hard ground and can be fitted with rings welded to the hooves which can be used with ground spikes to increase the sculpture’s stability when placed outdoors. The protective lacquer will need to be reapplied from time to time to maintain the finish and ensure that the sculpture retains its good looks.

The horse sculpture would be a great focal point for any garden scheme when placed alongside planting or hedges or in the shade of a tree. It would also look magnificent placed as a pair either side of an entrance. The horse sculptures vary in size and it would be possible to place a larger and smaller horse together to create a beautiful display all year round at your home or place of work.

Horses have been around in the UK for thousands of years and horse breeding as an enterprise has been around since medieval times. Flemish and Spanish stallions were imported and it was not unknown for abbeys to own stud farms. Horse drawn machinery was being designed in the 17th century and the proprietors of coaching inns owned hundreds of horses to support their trade. Steam power took over the role of horses in agriculture, but horses continued to be used in warfare well in to the 20th century. Nowadays the working horse mainly refers to the heavy draft horse breeds and other horses are mainly kept for recreation and sport.

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