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Sophisticated Stripes : The Zebra Sculpture


Sophisticated Stripes : The Zebra Sculpture

The zebra is one of the most stylish and sophisticated animals to grace the savannas of Africa. With its distinct black and white striped coat, it is a recognisable and well-loved creature that the Pangea collection would be incomplete without. As distant relatives, our zebra sculptures join our family of horses whilst still retaining a unique and realistic appearance.
The likeness of the zebra sculpture to the real-life animal is remarkable. In our natural finish, even without the famous stripy coat, the sculpture is identifiable by its slim legs with knobbly knees, low-hanging belly,  pricked up ears, sleek mane and tail and kind and endearing face. However, the authenticity of your Zebra sculpture can be increased further by hand-painting its black and white stripes. Just as every Zebra has its own unique pattern, your Zebra sculpture would boast its own individual design exclusive to you. An artist local to Pangea has painted some of our zebras to perfection. The level of detail and care taken in illustration is faultless, right down to their glossy eyes and jet black eyelashes.Zebra's SavannaSculptures like the zebra look prominent in any setting, although placing them on grass makes for a real homely environment as they are found grazing the savannas in Africa. The sculpture can be placed outside whether in our natural finish or hand painted, so you can show off your sculpture without the worry of a demanding upkeep. All our zebra needs is a little TLC now and again to maintain a high-grade and quality finish. Failing this, a hand-painted zebra would look fresh and funky when integrated into a contemporary space with modern interior design. The bright stripes would bring vibrancy and life into any room and would be a talking point at dinner parties and events.
All in all, you will fall in love with the elegance of this humble creature wherever you decide to put him. There is a fondness and warmth in the zebra’s face and eyes that has captured all of our hearts here at Pangea, and we hope that it will capture yours too.

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