Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Elegant Sculptures hit all the right tones

A handmade animal sculpture with great attention to detail and individual idiosyncrasies reveal great character. You are sure to find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. There are lots of wonderful African animals in our range and the elephants are one of our most popular sculptures with our female customers. The baby elephants are extremely cute and would make a lovely gift as a matching pair. If you are looking to have something that represents the two of you there is also the option of elegant giraffe sculptures, cheeky monkeys, sophisticated birds and even lively warthogs!


Pairing sculptures sends a message of love

Pairing sculptures – not only looks great, it is a true a constant reminder of your love. A pair of big cats would make a very impressive statement, as does a pair of cheeky monkeys. Whatever you choose may represent something special to you both or just look great in your home.  If your budget does not stretch to a large sculpture, our miniature range helps you afford something from giraffes, to baby crocodiles these are also popular choices as pairs and as single sculptures.

If you are looking for something more exotic the beautiful cobra sculpture could be the perfect piece or choose a member of the musical frog band (or even the whole ensemble!) if music is important to the woman in your life.



Valentines gifts for her, whatever her tastes, we are sure to be able to find you the perfect piece for the home or garden. All of our sculptures have a protective lacquer making them suitable for outside locations. Perhaps a beautiful heron would complete the garden that she loves or a little owl would be perfect in the home or office.

Whatever sculpture you choose to give as a token of your affection we are sure that the recipient will be delighted and if you are finding it hard to choose why not consider a gift certificate and then come along to the showroom together to pick the perfect piece?

Elephant Valentines pairings