Accessorise your sculpture with plants!


Accessorise your sculpture with plants!

Whether your sculpture is indoors or out, it always benefits from a little surrounding greenery to add to that real-life feel. Not only do the bright colours in plants and flowers complement the metal finish on sculptures of all sizes, but they help to bring another dimension to your sculpture display.

“Robert the Rhino (Bob) in his final resting place. Honestly we are so delighted with our purchase, it never fails to make us smile and has become a real point of interest for all of our friends who are very keen to visit Bob, and take selfies! “

John and Lisa Kenna

In the garden, it’s easier than ever to make your sculptures look real. Life-size horses, zebras and buffalos look amazing positioned on vibrant green grass as if grazing in the African savannah, whereas small crocodiles and life-size cobras can be arranged weaving through tall grasses or around low shrubs as if slightly camouflaging themselves.

Make the most of climbing plants that decorate pergolas and archways by allowing one of our medium giraffe sculptures to munch away from a nearby distance. Medium elephant sculptures also look magnificent when interacting with their existing natural environments. Try wedging a few leafy branches between scrunched up low, dangling trunks to satisfy a greedy elephant sculpture whilst their friends with trunks pointing up can pick leaves from tall bushes and trees.
Giraffe Landscape Image
Adding a little flora and fauna within the home is not only beneficial for your sculpture, but also promotes calmness and tranquillity within your indoor space. Simply placing a bunch of bright and brilliant flowers on a table next to a small warthog sculpture is enough to bring it to life. However, if you fancy being more adventurous, why not incorporate more exotic plants such as bamboo or bonsai trees? A small wildebeest sculpture would look elegant accompanied by an elaborate ficus plant whilst miniature elephants and giraffes are revitalised by neighbouring cacti. Alternatively, sit a confident gorilla sculpture in front of an equally flamboyant show of blooming flowers to accentuate its beauty and boldness.

Get inventive by combining frog sculptures with flower arrangements that integrate lilies or lily pads. This will really make your sculpture feel at home. You could also try hanging one of our flexible swinging monkey sculptures from a shelf under a canopy of delicate leaves draping from potted vines to get that rare, jungle feel in the comfort of your own home.
Plants are good for the health and the home, but are guaranteed to bring out the best in your sculptures too! Get creative today and recognise your plant power!

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