Bird Sculptures

Introducing our exquisite collection of Bird sculptures, meticulously handcrafted from premium-quality materials. Each sculpture in this collection is a masterpiece, created with care and precision by skilled artisans who take great pride in their craft. From lifelike depictions to abstract interpretations, our collection offers a range of styles to suit every bird enthusiast's taste and décor. These sculptures are not just eye-catching decorative pieces, but also a tribute to the grace, freedom, and beauty of these fascinating creatures.


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Liver Bird (3 Sizes) - Pangea SculpturesLiver Bird (3 Sizes) - Pangea Sculptures
Liver Bird (3 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $51.00 Regular price$63.00
Painted RobinPainted Robin - Pangea Sculptures
Painted Robin Sale priceFrom $26.00
Painted Penguin - Pangea SculpturesPainted Penguin - Pangea Sculptures
Painted Penguin Sale priceFrom $19.00
Sold out
Poppy Stand Robin - Pangea Sculptures
Poppy Stand Robin Sale price$38.00
Leaf Stand Robin - Pangea SculpturesLeaf Stand Robin - Pangea Sculptures
Leaf Stand Robin Sale price$26.00
Toucan - Pangea SculpturesToucan - Pangea Sculptures
Painted Toucan Sale price$26.00
Guinea fowl - Pangea SculpturesGuinea fowl - Pangea Sculptures
Guinea fowl Sale price$38.00
Ostrich (3 Sizes) - Pangea SculpturesOstrich (3 Sizes) - Pangea Sculptures
Ostrich (3 Sizes) Sale priceFrom $187.00
Duck - Pangea SculpturesDuck - Pangea Sculptures
Duck Sale price$124.00
Peacock - Pangea SculpturesPeacock - Pangea Sculptures
Peacock Sale price$370.00
Liverpool Liver Bird - Pangea SculpturesLiverpool Liver Bird - Pangea Sculptures
Liverpool Liver Bird Sale price$312.00
Large Flying Eagle - Pangea SculpturesLarge Flying Eagle - Pangea Sculptures
Large Flying Eagle Sale price$620.00
Pheasant - Pangea SculpturesPheasant - Pangea Sculptures
Pheasant Sale price$187.00
Swan - Pangea SculpturesSwan - Pangea Sculptures
Swan Sale price$250.00
White Secretary - Pangea Sculptures
White Secretary Sale price$250.00
Perched Parrot - Pangea SculpturesPerched Parrot - Pangea Sculptures
Perched Parrot Sale price$124.00
Perching Owl - Pangea Sculptures
Perching Owl Sale price$187.00
Barn Owl - Pangea SculpturesBarn Owl - Pangea Sculptures
Barn Owl Sale price$51.00