Primate Sculptures

Introducing our magnificent collection of primate sculptures, meticulously handcrafted from premium-quality materials. Each sculpture in this collection is a masterpiece, created with care and precision by skilled artisans who take great pride in their craft. From lifelike depictions to abstract interpretations, our collection offers a range of styles to suit every primate enthusiast's taste and decor. These sculptures are not just eye-catching decorative pieces, but also a tribute to the intelligence, agility, and beauty of these fascinating creatures. Bring the spirit of the jungle into your space with our stunning collection of primate sculptures.


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Natural Monkey (Hear No Evil) - Pangea Sculptures
Natural walking Gorilla - Pangea SculpturesNatural walking Gorilla - Pangea Sculptures
Chimpanzee - Pangea SculpturesChimpanzee - Pangea Sculptures
Chimpanzee Metal Sculptures Sale price£2,000.00
Natural Huge Gorilla - Pangea SculpturesNatural Huge Gorilla - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Huge Gorilla Metal Sculpture Sale price£5,495.00 Regular price£5,995.00
Natural Sitting Gorilla - Pangea SculpturesNatural Sitting Gorilla - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Monkey (Speak No Evil) - Pangea SculpturesNatural Monkey (Speak No Evil) - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Monkey (See No Evil) - Pangea Sculptures