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Introducing our captivating metal dog and cat sculpture range – a perfect fusion of artistry and craftsmanship. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted from high-quality metal, showcasing intricate details that capture the essence and charm of our beloved canine and feline companions.


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Cat - Pangea SculpturesCat - Pangea Sculptures
Cat Sale price£99.00
Border Collie - Pangea SculpturesBorder Collie - Pangea Sculptures
Border Collie Sale price£299.00
German Shepherd - Pangea SculpturesGerman Shepherd - Pangea Sculptures
German Shepherd Sale priceFrom £229.00
Beagle - Pangea Sculptures
Beagle Sale price£99.00
Dachshund - Pangea SculpturesDachshund - Pangea Sculptures
Dachshund Sale price£149.00
Golden Retriever - Pangea SculpturesGolden Retriever - Pangea Sculptures
Golden Retriever Sale price£299.00
Poodle - Pangea SculpturesPoodle - Pangea Sculptures
Poodle Sale price£299.00
Sold out
Yorkshire Terrier - Pangea SculpturesYorkshire Terrier - Pangea Sculptures
Yorkshire Terrier Sale price£199.00
French Bulldog - Pangea SculpturesFrench Bulldog - Pangea Sculptures
French Bulldog Sale price£199.00