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Welcome to our animal sculpture collection! In this section, you can browse through our entire collection of animal sculptures from A to Z. Whether you're looking for a majestic elephant, a playful monkey, or a fierce lion, we've got you covered. Our collection features sculptures crafted from a variety of materials, each piece is hand-made with the utmost attention to detail. We hope you enjoy browsing through our collection and find the perfect addition to your home office or garden


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Modern Art Zebra - Pangea SculpturesModern Art Zebra - Pangea Sculptures
Modern Art Zebra Sale price$76.00
Toucan - Pangea SculpturesToucan - Pangea Sculptures
Painted Toucan Sale price$26.00
Mouse - Pangea SculpturesMouse - Pangea Sculptures
Mouse Sale price$19.00
Robin Bird Bath - Pangea SculpturesRobin Bird Bath - Pangea Sculptures
Robin Bird Bath Sale price$63.00
King Cobra - Pangea SculpturesKing Cobra - Pangea Sculptures
King Cobra Sale price$1,246.00
Lizard - Pangea SculpturesLizard - Pangea Sculptures
Lizard Sale price$38.00
Life Size Camel - Pangea SculpturesLife Size Camel - Pangea Sculptures
Life Size Camel Sale price$6,251.00
Turtle - Pangea SculpturesTurtle - Pangea Sculptures
Turtle Sale price$370.00
Cow Calf - Pangea SculpturesCow Calf - Pangea Sculptures
Cow Calf Sale price$620.00
Boxing Hare - Pangea SculpturesBoxing Hare - Pangea Sculptures
Boxing Hare Sale price$124.00
Hare - Pangea SculpturesHare - Pangea Sculptures
Hare Sale price$63.00 Regular price$124.00
Sunflower Frame - Pangea Sculptures
Sunflower Frame Sale price$76.00
Hedgehog - Pangea SculpturesHedgehog - Pangea Sculptures
Hedgehog Sale price$32.00
Natural Pig - Pangea SculpturesNatural Pig - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Pig Sale price$57.00
Natural Meerkat - Pangea SculpturesNatural Meerkat - Pangea Sculptures
Natural Meerkat Sale price$69.00
Ant - Pangea SculpturesAnt - Pangea Sculptures
Ant Sale price$26.00
Ladybird - Pangea SculpturesLadybird - Pangea Sculptures
Ladybird Sale price$13.00
Bumble Bee - Pangea SculpturesBumble Bee - Pangea Sculptures
Bumble Bee Sale price$51.00