King Cobra Snake Metal Sculpture

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King Cobra - Pangea Sculptures

King Cobra Snake Metal Sculpture

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Introducing our Raw Metal King Cobra Sculpture, a bold and striking representation of this majestic snake. Crafted with precision, this sculpture is made from raw metal, giving it a rugged and authentic look.

With its powerful stance and raw finish, this King Cobra Sculpture is a captivating piece that will make a strong statement in your space. The detailed sculpting, lifelike pose, and unpolished texture capture the essence of this awe-inspiring reptile.

Carefully designed and expertly crafted, this Raw Metal King Cobra Sculpture is built to endure and become a lasting centrepiece. Whether it's part of a collection or a standalone focal point, it's a fantastic addition to any area that appreciates the raw beauty of nature's creations.



Exquisite Natural Sculpture ✅
Durable Metal Construction ✅
Artisan-Crafted in Africa ✅
Versatile Display Options (Indoor & Outdoor) ✅

How its Made

Experience the enchanting journey of our handcrafted metal animal sculptures, all the way from Africa to the UK. Each sculpture is lovingly created by skilled artisans, adding a touch of wild beauty to your surroundings. Catering to popular customer requests, our collection boasts an array of random animals, showcasing the diverse wildlife of the World.

The meticulous process begins in Africa, where our artisans pour their passion and expertise into shaping these magnificent creatures. Armed with raw materials such as discarded car parts, oil drums, and scrap metal, they skillfully transform these elements into works of art. Each animal is brought to life through the careful manipulation of the metal, with welding, hammering, and bending techniques employed to capture their unique forms and distinct characteristics.

Once the sculptures are complete, they embark on their journey to the UK. With utmost care, each piece is securely packaged to ensure its safe passage across continents. From the vast landscapes of Africa to the doorsteps of your home, these metal animal sculptures arrive in the UK, ready to captivate and inspire.