Sculpture Clearance

Welcome to our collection of beloved sculptures, now being discontinued or replaced. This section showcases a variety of flawless sculptures, cleared to make room for our new range debuting this year.

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Small Natural Bull - Pangea SculpturesSmall Natural Bull - Pangea Sculptures
Small Natural Bull Metal Sculptures Sale priceFrom £50.00 Regular price£99.00
Robin Bird House - Pangea SculpturesRobin Bird House - Pangea Sculptures
Robin Bird House Sale price£30.00 Regular price£50.00
Blue Tit Bird House - Pangea SculpturesBlue Tit Bird House - Pangea Sculptures
Blue Tit Bird House Sale price£30.00 Regular price£65.00
Swinging Frog - Pangea SculpturesSwinging Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Swinging Frog Metal Sculptures Sale priceFrom £99.00 Regular price£275.00
Sliding Frog - Pangea SculpturesSliding Frog Metal Sculpture - Pangea Sculptures
Sliding Frog Metal Sculpture Sale price£99.00 Regular price£295.00
Bunch of Flowers - Pangea SculpturesBunch of Flowers - Pangea Sculptures
Bunch of Flowers Sale price£29.00 Regular price£60.00
Volkswagen Kombi - Pangea SculpturesVolkswagen Kombi - Pangea Sculptures
Volkswagen Kombi Metal Sculpture Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Mustang - Pangea SculpturesMustang - Pangea Sculptures
Mustang Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Mini Cooper - Pangea SculpturesMini Cooper - Pangea Sculptures
Mini Cooper Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Mclaren - Pangea SculpturesMclaren - Pangea Sculptures
Mclaren Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Ferrari - Pangea SculpturesFerrari - Pangea Sculptures
Ferrari Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Aston Martin - Pangea SculpturesAston Martin - Pangea Sculptures
Aston Martin Wall Art Sale price£124.50 Regular price£249.00
Lion Cub Metal Sculpture - Pangea SculpturesLion Cub - Pangea Sculptures
Lion Cub Metal Sculpture Sale price£99.00 Regular price£199.00