German Shepherd

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German Shepherd - Pangea Sculptures

German Shepherd


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Our German Shepherd sculpture is an extraordinary representation meticulously crafted from a diverse array of recycled metals!

The creation of this sculpture demanded the expertise of skilled artisans dedicated to environmental stewardship, capturing the essence of the German Shepherd's strength and nobility. Thoughtfully chosen recycled metals have been skilfully shaped and arranged, resulting in a captivating masterpiece that not only celebrates the allure of our canine companions but also champions the principles of recycling and upcycling.


Dog or Cat Question?

Certainly, all of our dog & cat sculptures are suitable for display both indoors and outdoors. For further information on how to care for your sculpture, please visit our sculpture care page.

Crafting our Stunning Dog & Cat Sculptures

Our dog and cat sculptures are intricately crafted by skilled artisans using traditional metalworking techniques that have been passed down through generations, and what makes them truly special is that they are crafted from recycled materials. The process starts with a carefully designed concept, considering the desired form and level of detail for each sculpture. Once the design is finalized, our artisans thoughtfully select high-quality recycled metals, giving new purpose to materials that have served in other capacities.

Specialized tools and techniques are employed to cut and shape the recycled metals, and our artisans meticulously labor on each piece to ensure flawless execution. After the dog or cat has been sculpted and forged, it undergoes a meticulous finishing process, showcasing the unique character of the recycled materials.