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Welcome to our limited edition/collections edition page where you can discover our finest metal sculptures, handcrafted in Africa and Asia. Each piece is uniquely crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, making them a truly special addition to any collection.

Our collection features a diverse range of metal sculptures, each with their own distinctive character and charm. From the intricately detailed designs of African wildlife to the majestic elephants and tigers of Asia, each piece captures the beauty and wonder of these incredible creatures.

Whether you're an avid collector or simply looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, our limited edition/collections edition page is the perfect place to browse and explore our best items for sale. With each piece meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, you can be assured that every sculpture is a true work of art.


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Pangea Coffee Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Pangea Coffee Frog Sale price£50.00 Regular price£99.00
Swinging Frog - Pangea SculpturesSwinging Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Swinging Frog Metal Sculptures Sale priceFrom £99.00 Regular price£275.00
Sliding Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Sliding Frog Metal Sculpture Sale price£99.00 Regular price£295.00
Golf Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Golf Frog Metal Sculpture Sale price£295.00
Frog Table - Pangea Sculptures
Frog Table Sale price£295.00
Lambanana *Limited Edition* - Pangea Sculptures
Lambanana Metal Sculpture Sale price£295.00 Regular price£695.00
Highland Cow - Pangea SculpturesHighland Cow | Lifesize - Pangea Sculptures
Highland Cow Metal Sculptures Sale priceFrom £995.00
Sold out
Medieval Dragon - Pangea SculpturesMedieval Dragon - Pangea Sculptures
Medieval Dragon Metal Sculpture Sale price£3,999.00
Natural walking Gorilla - Pangea SculpturesNatural walking Gorilla - Pangea Sculptures
Tilapia Fish - Pangea SculpturesTilapia Fish - Pangea Sculptures
Tilapia Fish Metal Sculptures Sale priceFrom £495.00
Green & Silver Frog Band - Pangea SculpturesGreen & Silver Frog Band - Pangea Sculptures
Green & Silver Frog Bands Sale priceFrom £795.00 Regular price£950.00
Limited Edition - Gold Liver Bird - Pangea SculpturesLimited Edition - Gold Liver Bird - Pangea Sculptures
Limited Edition - Gold Liver Bird Sale priceFrom £150.00
King Cobra - Pangea SculpturesKing Cobra - Pangea Sculptures
T-Rex - Pangea SculpturesT-Rex - Pangea Sculptures
T-Rex Metal Sculpture Sale price£3,995.00
Ape on Horseback - Pangea SculpturesApe on Horseback - Pangea Sculptures
Life Size Camel - Pangea SculpturesLife Size Camel - Pangea Sculptures
Life Size Camel Metal Sculpture Sale price£4,995.00
Tennis Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Tennis Frog Metal Sculpture Sale price£295.00
Football Frog - Pangea Sculptures
Football Frog Sale price£295.00