Bunch Of Seven Roses

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Bunch Of Seven Roses - Pangea Sculptures

Bunch Of Seven Roses

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Presenting our stunning collection of metallic red roses! This captivating masterpiece seamlessly blends the enduring allure of red roses with the resilience of metal. Meticulously fashioned with precision and artistic flair, these red roses showcase intricate detailing and a radiant finish, exuding an elegant and contemporary charm.

The metal red roses symbolize deep love, passion, and romance. The vibrant red petals represent intense emotions and desire, making this bunch of roses a perfect gift for special occasions or to express your heartfelt affection. Whether displayed as a centrepiece or gifted to someone special, this stunning bunch of metal red roses is sure to leave a lasting impression.


38cm Tall


Exquisite Painted Sculpture ✅
Durable Metal Construction ✅
Artisan-Crafted in Africa ✅
Versatile Display Options (Indoor & Outdoor) ✅

Crafting our Stunning Metal Flowers

Our metal flower sculptures are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Each sculpture is intricately designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision and flawlessness in every petal and stem.

Once the design is finalized, our artisans carefully select the metal to bring these sculptures to life. They expertly manipulate the metal, shaping and sculpting it with specialized tools to create intricate textures and captivating forms. Each sculpture undergoes a meticulous process, where the metal is shaped and crafted to perfection.

To enhance their beauty, our metal flower sculptures are adorned with vibrant colors and finishes. These exquisite touches bring out the brilliance and charm of each piece, making them stand out as unique works of art. Displaying one of these handcrafted metal flower sculptures is a delightful way to add elegance and artistic flair to any space, making them a cherished focal point that captures attention and admiration.